Tesla Motors plans to make its cars capable of fully autonomous driving by the end of next year, setting an aggressive deadline that could put it ahead of other carmakers in the race to put robot cars on the road.特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)计划使其汽车最迟在清年底需要几乎自律驾驶员,从而原作一个咄咄逼人的累计日期,未来将会使该公司比其他汽车制造商更加早于发售需要上路的机器人汽车。Elon Musk, chief executive, said on Wednesday that his company’s electric cars would be able to drive coast-to-coast in the US — “all the way from home in Los Angeles and dropping you in Times Square by the end of next year and then parking itself, without the need for a single touch”.首席执行官埃隆.马斯克(Elon Musk)周三回应,他的公司的电动车将需要从美国的西海岸行经到东海岸——“最迟在清年底,从洛杉矶的家,一路把你送往(纽约市)时代广场,然后自己泊车,不必须你摸任何东西”。The news that the US electric car company is pushing ahead to full self-driving cars comes despite the death of a Tesla owner in a crash in the US earlier this year while his car was under its own control, using what the company calls “Autopilot” mode. Tesla also faces a lawsuit in China over a second death allegedly linked to its current driver-assistance, though it has denied its technology was at fault.这家美国电动汽车公司宣告前进仅有自动驾驶汽车计划之际,今年早些时候美国一名特斯拉车主杀于爆胎事故,当时他的汽车在自动控制状态,用于该公司所称的“自动辅助驾驶员”(Autopilot)。

特斯拉还在中国面对第二起死亡事故诉讼,据信事故与该公司的驾驶员辅助技术有关,但该公司坚称其技术在那起事故中有任何罪过。The US fatality had already led Tesla to revamp its self-driving technology, giving more prominence to signals from its vehicles’ on-board radar systems rather than relying so heavily on the front-facing camera. The accident followed the failure of the car’s camera to identify the side of a white truck against a bright sky.美国再次发生的丧生已促成特斯拉改进其自动驾驶技术,让车载雷达系统的信号充分发挥更大起到,而不是如此相当严重倚赖前置摄像头。

那起事故的起因是车上的摄像头没能在暗淡天空的背景下辨识一辆白色卡车的侧面。On Wednesday, he criticised journalists for what he claimed was excessive media coverage of the US fatality. “If you effectively dissuade people from buying autonomous vehicles, you’re killing people,” he warned. “Paucity of media coverage of the 1.2m people who die each year in crashes does not reflect well on the media, it really doesn’t.”周三,马斯克抨击记者,称之为媒体对上述美国死亡事故的报导多得过分。